Monday, March 31, 2008

Some thoughts aloud

Recently I've had a semi-sereus illness, nothing too major but it did involve hospital stay(first one for me) and about a month of home stay. This illness and experiences around it made me think alot and I believe ultimately changed me.

It's true what they say, that the moment of truth for friendships and reflections on your social status, is when you're in the sh*&t and not the good times. I've got myself some insights in that respect.
I've also re-learned the value of family, this amazing unconditional care and love... its rarely seen in our day in time and sadly sometime is taken for granted...
Life.... all of it... is just too amazing.... the bad and good things... just makes you wanna take deepest inhale of all of it, experience every one of those moments to the fullest. I feel like I've had dust brushed off me, and that things are clearer now...

I dont know if those things are related to me being sick (because it really wasnt a big thing) or maybe some transformation that was bound to happen. whatever it is, I like it.

I smile more....
Just finished a short period relationship with really cute and cool girl, I loved the feeling of being with here, Loved the feeling of being annoyed by her, and I love the feeling of us now being apart.It's all good, all mine, all great.

Those that know me, know how much Sport is important to me, on a mental level. I've been counting the days till I could get back into shape. I am still far from being the ye' old Jacob... but will get there very soon. Got back to my love on two wheels, and daamn its good to be back...

Thank you!

I am almost out of words to write now, and really contemplating what to do with this post, as its more of a dump of thoughts rather than an organized post.

- Optimistic , and somewhat happy, Jacob

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tribute song

I've stumbled upon this tribute song to the "2girls1cup" thing(for the lack of better term).
The song is nice, check it out...

***Extreme Warning*** :
2Girls1Cup is not for people with sensitive stomaches and those that dont appreciate the freaks that soround us.

I rate 2Girls1Cup as 9.5/10 on Extreme vile disgusting gore chart.
That movie makes you appreciate the internet more than anything else.

I definetly smell a pork product of some kind

A week ago I was planing to go on a kickass Bike Ride up north.I've loaded my bike on my car as usual and was on my way to pickup another bike(and a friend) .
The weather was good, the hefty amount of caffeine in my veins, the anticipation for that thrill of a ride, all was there.... perfect.
Alas, piggies had something else in store for me...

On the first intersection I was pulled over by a cop (100 meters from my house). The dude approached my car, and asked for the regular papers. I could easily see that he was bored to the death and was looking for a prey , and since not too many cars pass that street at those early morning hours - I was it(joy).

Well to cut the long story short, I received a ticket for driving a wide-load (aka my bike) on my care. Its been a week and I am still pissed, I'd share some of graphic thoughts and descriptions of that turd of a cop but the written word wont do them justice.

This is for you - piggie

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pleasent surprise on a rotten day

Few weeks ago I've been visiting NYC, both work and some time off.
On the day of my arrival I've had a really rotten day and all I wanted is to have some piece and quiet demise of this day.

I went for a stroll in Central Park, see whats it all about and mainly was planning to crash on some green patch and chill.Central Park is quite impressive, and its location makes it even more unique - a Huge nature blob engulfed by menacing skyscrapers and endless rivers of human traffic.

As I walked around, I heard some live music playing. Me being a sucker for almost any (Suede should be banished back to hell, get young and old priest already!!!) live performance, so naturally I went like a zombie towards the music. There was this man playing guitar in front of a small crowd chilling on a green hill and boy was he good. He played both covers(really well) and his own material which is very good and funny (bard like stuff).

It appears David Ippolito - AKA "That Guitar Man from Central Park" been playing at that spot every summer weekend for the last 16 years - *damn!* .
That gig really made me laugh and enjoy, and basically turned that otherwise rotten day into something good. There was this great vibe in the air where everyone were enjoying themselves especially David.

David has a website - check it out, also he has some free songs there he wrote, check em out.

So here it goes, Thanks David for the great time.

It's been a while....

Its been a while (year and a week) since I placed a post here...

I've decided that the blog name is tool cool for it to sit idle. I guess this means you'll be getting more post from coz-i-can blog, why?(well you know the answer).

I will use this modern age stage to share thoughts,rant, humor, and simply have fun.
For all those who remained faithful (yet cheated) subscribers of the blog RSS or those who visit it regularly (why?) and those who just popped in , Good to have you on board.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Roads.... Lanes..... BAM!

NO! You Guessed wrong... its actually a schematic of a 4 laned highway in Istanbul...

Notice anything wrong with it? Neither do I

The scematic is a result of short dialog between Road planner and Road building contractor, and it went something like this.

Building contractor: Are you sure? I mean it seems a little strange
Road Planner: Strange?? What are you talking about?
Building contractor: well, the road you planned has 4 lanes, right?
Road Planner: Yes
Building contractor: 2 in each direction.
Road Planner: Yes so whats the problem, can you or cant you do this?
Building contractor: I can but..... well you.... you... you put the lanes all wrong, I mean look at it... LOOK. its insane.
Road Planner: not insane, artistic. I've been planning roads for 10 years, I got bored with the same designs. Thought of trying something artistic, and as it seems it fits my art project due date at University. I submitted this design and got an A+ for it. So I decided if its good for the Academy it must be good enough for cars.
Building contractor:aww fuck it, atleast the pay is ... pay.

if Turds grew on trees they'd be named Guavas

I stubled a while ago on a blog post regarding Guava fruit. The post was praising the fruit in all its glory and marvel.

Well I have only one thing to say about that.... Its BULLCRAP , and not even the kind of crap that can be used for manure.

Lemme tell you a few facts about Guava:

* Guava - What kind of name is that for a fruit.I mean c'mmon....
* They're shaped like rotten testicles , 'Exhibit A'
* The smell - Now dont get me started on this... this crap smells worse than armpits of average plumber named Corky. And thats
before its over ripes and starts to rot. Once this 'Satan turd' reaches this final stage, it can be smelled from diffrent zip codes.
It is belived that a dozen over riped Guyava's when strategly deployed will lead immediate capitulation of midium sized country, in any type of conflict.
Alas, due to inhumanity of this approach and the difficulty to contain the spread of the Guyava fumes. World powers restrain from using or even testing this doomsday device.

* "Tommorrow you'll eat Guava for Breakfast" - Its how parents bring back the fear into their misbehaving children

I dont like this fruit, dont like it at all...

P.S M' its okay that you like those... I dont hate you... yet