Sunday, August 27, 2006

Life Update : Part I

Its been a while since I wrote some posts here. Lotsa shit been going on with my life lately some of which I will share here, others will be shared over beer or sex (preferably both ).

First let me get something off my right testicle.... done.

Below is a list of things and thoughts that passed through my mind lately:

Job,girls,Huba Buba(the red one),Closing my company, New Job,ughh snacky cakes,stupEd women, sex, saw 'Clerks' for 25th time, people dont change, my regular pub turned sucky,heat, heat, summer sucks, friend got married( fucking early), Rojer waters gig(Israel Hater), flat hunting, etc...

More details later.

Now check this out, my favorite quote of now.

When you're feeling down and blue and think you never accomplished anything. Just remmember, some years ago you came first of billions. That gotta count for something.

Dumb people who dont get it, report to me for reverse labotomy, and piss off my blog.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


I've been slacking badly in blog updates, you can say I had a serios writers block(its this evil food). But luckily I am done with it.

Many updates coming soon,
In the mean time, here is a small thingy courtesy of 'M'