Monday, March 31, 2008

Some thoughts aloud

Recently I've had a semi-sereus illness, nothing too major but it did involve hospital stay(first one for me) and about a month of home stay. This illness and experiences around it made me think alot and I believe ultimately changed me.

It's true what they say, that the moment of truth for friendships and reflections on your social status, is when you're in the sh*&t and not the good times. I've got myself some insights in that respect.
I've also re-learned the value of family, this amazing unconditional care and love... its rarely seen in our day in time and sadly sometime is taken for granted...
Life.... all of it... is just too amazing.... the bad and good things... just makes you wanna take deepest inhale of all of it, experience every one of those moments to the fullest. I feel like I've had dust brushed off me, and that things are clearer now...

I dont know if those things are related to me being sick (because it really wasnt a big thing) or maybe some transformation that was bound to happen. whatever it is, I like it.

I smile more....
Just finished a short period relationship with really cute and cool girl, I loved the feeling of being with here, Loved the feeling of being annoyed by her, and I love the feeling of us now being apart.It's all good, all mine, all great.

Those that know me, know how much Sport is important to me, on a mental level. I've been counting the days till I could get back into shape. I am still far from being the ye' old Jacob... but will get there very soon. Got back to my love on two wheels, and daamn its good to be back...

Thank you!

I am almost out of words to write now, and really contemplating what to do with this post, as its more of a dump of thoughts rather than an organized post.

- Optimistic , and somewhat happy, Jacob

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