Friday, September 08, 2006

New Laptop - Old Idiots

Got me a new laptop 2 days ago, still getting used to the keyboard.
Using this post as typing practice.

Here are some specs of my new beast.

Model: Dell D820
Ram: 2GB 667MHZ
CPU: Intel T2400
Disk: 60GB 7200 (5400) RPM - More about this below
Screen: 15.4'' Widescreen
Batter: 9 Cell

Well, This is my happy new beast. I like.
Except for the disk.... Those fucks at Omnitech(lame ass Dell reseller) supplied the laptop with the wrong hard disk... What gives... arent there honest people left in the world...

I dont ask for much, I mean.... you can carry on with the wars, Have wild(but safe) relationsheeps, listen to crapy music, even kill your first born...

But there are two things that one should NEVER fuck with(and no, not even then.)

1) Bloody Marry cocktail
2) Computer specs

I love my laptop

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