Sunday, September 24, 2006

Rosh Hashana Summary

Morning Fri
Sleep, Drool,Dream of 4 breasted aliens, Scratch private parts,Oh whats up with this light up my face, go buy dead cows and other lesser 'meat' for BBQ, feed my face in sinners shop (AKA Tiv Taam).

Evening Fri
Sleep, Bloody cellphone bzzzz'd me,curse the cell, curse in russian,combo multilingual curse involving siblings of cellphone manufacturers,Silence,crank up some music, wash face, Fooding mode ON!, neighbours join feeding, politics talk, world is stupEd, cool New Year speeches,food, early retirement of fellow table comrade - L'. Go out, Well Hello there :), no humans in the cafe - just like I like it, milkless coffee(plenty of H2O though), No wood in the shower, People invent funny words(Bonus!),Sleep.

What the Fricken? No seriosly, whats this bloody hour to wake up to? Eyesight is blurry, Think I see flying monkeys, Mental Note: Sleep is for the weak, I wouldnt mind being weak now. 5 hrs of sleep, going bike, biking, slash my arm on a tree.back, BBQ. Note to self: When operating explosive BBQ machinery read manual first (my eyebrows were magically saved, DAMN YOU B'). Good old friends came, lotsa catching up, I hate only some of them, Game Cube, Lost in disgrace, Lost again , Lost to a girl, Another dude for MAIDEN gig. Ate soo much I cant move, Home, Couching, Speed on TV,music,MSN,sleep.

Early biking with T', Got back in the shape, Didnt crash that cactus again,good, twice, hungry as fuck, write a blog post, BBQ II - The revenge, Orgy - of the good kind(no animals this time).

Going to SUCK , I know it.

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