Saturday, October 20, 2007

Pleasent surprise on a rotten day

Few weeks ago I've been visiting NYC, both work and some time off.
On the day of my arrival I've had a really rotten day and all I wanted is to have some piece and quiet demise of this day.

I went for a stroll in Central Park, see whats it all about and mainly was planning to crash on some green patch and chill.Central Park is quite impressive, and its location makes it even more unique - a Huge nature blob engulfed by menacing skyscrapers and endless rivers of human traffic.

As I walked around, I heard some live music playing. Me being a sucker for almost any (Suede should be banished back to hell, get young and old priest already!!!) live performance, so naturally I went like a zombie towards the music. There was this man playing guitar in front of a small crowd chilling on a green hill and boy was he good. He played both covers(really well) and his own material which is very good and funny (bard like stuff).

It appears David Ippolito - AKA "That Guitar Man from Central Park" been playing at that spot every summer weekend for the last 16 years - *damn!* .
That gig really made me laugh and enjoy, and basically turned that otherwise rotten day into something good. There was this great vibe in the air where everyone were enjoying themselves especially David.

David has a website - check it out, also he has some free songs there he wrote, check em out.

So here it goes, Thanks David for the great time.

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