Friday, May 19, 2006

I know that liver is evil and must be p'younished but why the head?

So I've been at the pharsh party, (aka Mega party post) . The party was absolutely brilliant, this party rocked my toe nails(like 4 times in a row). If you missed it, a. you suck. b. you suck even more. c. commit a suicide now and stop the bitching.

Pharsh party ingridients:
  • Abdundace of freaks - Good people
  • Not overcrowded - Saved me the trouble of pushing people off the roof
  • Music, yes they had that too - Dont remmeber much but they've put "chase the devil" much kudos for the DJ's.
  • Free, unlimited Booze - We'll get back to it later.
  • Free.
  • Cops - A must for every self respecting party. This one had em 3 times. Bonus.
  • Lesbian spanking inferno - It was there, I swear. Ugh!!

I got pished extremly, its not me its the free booze, it was speaking to me... honestly!!
Since I was drunk as a fuck , I had to ditch my car. Good people dropped me off at me casa - that place looks much more interesting when u're under the influence - moving stairs, elevators going in diagonal, I felt like I am in a cube movie.

In the morning the standard post drinking ritual hit me. Room was moving around and it took 2 hands and a wall to fix my head in a place. Blackouts about the party(dont remmeber much and most of this post is filled with fragments of my imagination). All standard and expected.
Oh right, and blood on my pillow... Now in the name of rebel iguana what is that? and where did come from? as it appears, my head was rebeling against me for leaving the party. It decided to go headbanging with its soroundings, all while I was asleep.

So I am all good now, party was superb, head hates me, I hate the liver.

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