Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Summer is weak, bring back the ice ages

Summer is upon me, I like it not. Its hot and eeecky sticky.
Why must it be, why?!?
Those tree hugging hippies keep threatening with global warming and apocalypse.

We have to stop polluting. Heal the world. Recycle. Stop eating baby seals.
I hear some scientists say that global warming will lead to new ice age - Bonus. I am for one willing to suffer more heat for a while if I am promised not to have this hotness evilness anymore - Double Bonus.

Like most things in life , climate and eco-systems are cyclic.
If we push our eco-system long enough into heating, it will reset itself ---> be cold. Good.
Mission accomplished.


Goro said...

Aha sure. And when we eat we are so stuffed that we can't eat anymore , it means that we will loose weight at the end. It makes sense.

J. said...

Well with humans there are numerous problems this is because they're EVIL.

Ugi said...

If global warming is going to yield another episode of the great trilogy: Ice Age, then I say: bring it on