Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The horror ends in 12hrs

Finaly, in 12 hours the life-sucking-brain-stupefier-castrating expirience is about to come to an end. I am talking about the shit fest called Lost. Yes that crap, the 2nd season really got to me, while during the first I was still young and naive, the 2nd season made me wanna peal of the skin of my ears.

Tonight double season finale is aired and it will finaly put an end to this series. Yes yes, some might say "Oh wait dude, there are atlest 2 more seasons left(yes the bastards signed for atleast two more). You still dont know about ." I'd tell to those good men: go and lick a cacktus, so what if it pains, there's still much more to go and it might get tasty. DIE SCUMS.

A short summary of what we had in these two seasons: 2 x Plane Crash, One Island(hot), Polar bears(on a freaking island??!?!), Predetor( or some invisible shit that likes leaves), Drugs,hot orgy(Thats when I switched lost off),boring crap(loads of it),lame lame lame, bitch bitch bitch,ughh turture,Babylon chick(ugly beast here, much better with a dinosour bone in her skull),Hot chick dead , ugly chicks added.

oh thats it, no wait... there was loads of what you-ma-call-it.... ohh yeah.. SOAP OPERA.. like zillions , there was enough soup to clean worlds oil reserver into water. They tried to mask it with shoostings and and spooky music , but its still weak and castrating.

And now for the gran finaly I get this: Lost the game or as ihatelost put it in his news page:
News:Lost Game Set to Bore and Kill us All to Death

So there.


Mar_Garina said...

Ahhh TV is a time waster..
Only show I watch is "Roim Olam" @ channel 11, Saruday 21:00.

(And "Hashir Shelnu" with Ninet is aMaZiNg also!!!)

Renbo said...

Don't forget 'Erev Hadash' - after a cliff hangar season finale where they stopped just before the end credits *pam pam PAAAAAMMMM!!!*