Sunday, June 18, 2006

Cartman come home!!!

Hey Boys & Girls, a crappy thing happened to me the other day.
I came back from outing a few days ago, parked me shiny car (actually its nothing but shiny, it had so much dirt on it that one would have to use Oil drilling gear to get to the surface) in front of me house.
When I tried to drive my arse to a BBQ of Ugi(makes one wonder what kind of bbq would a coockie monster have) I was disturbed by something, I couldnt quite put my finger on it ( :) ) but it was a sense of "wait a minute... something not quite right here" tm. Eventually it hit me, me car ... not me anymore. Ze bitch left me. And took some goodies away with her, that twat.

List of Gonners

1x Old Leasing Car gone -- being used for camel and arabs orgy at some remote location
1x New Leasing Car in - Its ok, old one was better. Also its white , never a good thing.
1x Mp3 player Gone - Was a bday gift from me bro. Totaly uncool, not happy.
1xRenbo PS2 - Not mine, why I had it my car you might ask. Well You never know when you might need a PS2, and I like to be ready. Renbo - Sorry , it wasnt me it was the mono testicle thief(soon to be mono-lobe).
2xRollerBlades - gone.
1xUber Cool Talking Cartman Doll - The most valuable thing in my car, this dude been with me for a few years in every car I had and work places I've been at. FUCK YOU TURDS for taking it FUCK YOU may your mothers tits rott and your dicks get taped with superglue.
1xLarge Battle Axe - Lod you know.....
1xRandom Crap - Every car must have this.

My car is the 6th car stolen in one week from my neighbourhood, JOY!
In the words of Grandma Muskuna: "Ze Lo Naim Li"

1 comment:

Danny said...

I'm sorry for you loss. I never knew you can express so much pain in words.

I will buy you a small Cartman next month in London.