Friday, June 30, 2006

Evill Shit!!! EvOil I tell you

Okay, I love extreme sports, simply love it. Since I discovered the extreme sports channel a while ago, it replaced the 'dead tv' time spot of MTV (MTV has only music - which sux large portions of the time, Extreme channel has music and people doing crazy stuff, sometimes dying or getting castrated. Bonus. Extreme wins!.)

A few days ago I saw this .... This dude is soo EvOil. he can single handedly kickass of moderetly sized army battalion and in the same time make it to the 22:00 movie session in local cinema(he can run, ok!). The movie s tarts as one of thosee "Darwin awards" flics, but quite quickly I realized that the fucker doesnt wanna fall and die.

check this out.


Maoz said...

You should check out a french movie called "Banlieue 13" ( . One of the main characters is David Belle, who co-invented the "Parkour" sport which you see plenty of in the movie.

J. said...

Thanks, will check it out.