Saturday, June 03, 2006

DD-WRT das is goot

New version of the great DD-WRT opensource firmware for the Linksys wifi routers was released.

The firmware works on all Linksys linux based models.

Lazy/Executive summary: If you got a box that looks like this at your home, keep reading. If you dont, steal one then read it.

By using the DD-WRT firmware you can turn this little box into a powerhorse.. It can do anything, and by anything I mean even your ugly sister/mom/brother/dog.

Things it can do:
  • Wep/WPA/MAC Filter/RADIUS
  • Firewall
  • QoS
  • SSH access - w00t
  • VOIP support
  • SVN server
  • UPNP support
  • Cron
  • Port triggering
  • PPTP
  • Dynamic DNS support (no-ip and such)
  • Linking multiple Routers in a mesh
  • Smb mounting
  • Vlan management
  • Other shit I cant remmeber.
This post sucked donkey dick.

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